Kerasys® Ceramic Repair Kit

Whether shower, sink or other ceramics in the
household: With Kerasys Ceramic Repair Kit,
many small defects in ceramics can be repaired
quickly and easily yourself.



Stephanie Frisch and M1Molter have already tested the Kerasys Ceramic Repair Kit and are convinced of it.

Try it!

Almost invisible repair of defects

It happens fast, something sharpedged drops into the sink, leaving a small scratch or hole. With the new Kerasys Ceramic Repair Kit it is possible to repair small and slightly bigger defects in sinks and other ceramic objects sustainably and cost-effective.

The set includes two different types of white, which matches for most sanitary colors, one bottle of Primer for a long lasting adhesion and for deeper defects or boreholes a transparent filler.

Note: If the blue light lamp does not work in your kit, send an e-mail to: and we will send you a replacement blue light lamp free of charge. In rare cases, the included batteries may have discharged.

Kerasys® Ceramic Repair Kit - Application Video